Parent Reviews

Ms. Shana Harrell

Ms. Shana Harrell

As a new parent and being so nervous about putting my daughter into daycare, I can say that Little Sunshines Academy in Winterville is the best. My toddler loves going, the communication is great between staff and parents, and the overall atmosphere is great. We love her teachers so much as well. Definitely recommend this daycare!

Becky Deputy

Ms. Tiffany is the best teacher my daughter has ever had. Great place that keeps kids involved and constantly challenged to do their best!

Jeffrey Warren

Good place for kids the staff is very nice and good with my son and they let you know any problems or accidents that happen

Corey Baysden

I can’t say enough good things. The entire staff is wonderful, caring, and professional. It’s always spotless inside and is just an overall happy place. When you walk in you VERY RARELY hear any of the kids crying because the staff is attentive and keep the kids engaged and entertained. It’s a blessing to not have to worry about your children because you know they are loved and cared for.

my bundles

Super center, kids love and learning all in one! Very professional, warm and friendly.

Scott Buzzell

Excellent program and day care center !!!

Ms. Domonique Jones

Ms. Domonique Jones

My kids absolutely love Little Sunshines Academy-Winterville Afterschool program , and here’s why: They’ve got everything from arts and crafts to sports and games. My child never gets bored! The tutors are super helpful and make homework a breeze. Plus, they make learning fun. The staff is friendly and really cares about the kids. My children have made some great friends here. I never worry about my kid’s safety. They’ve got strict rules to keep everyone safe and sound.

Overall, Little Sunshines Academy is a winner in my book.

Nawassa Forbes

I love love love sunshine scholars! The teacher and the leader are great. Two year old classroom is an amazing learning environment

Brandee Reinecke

I love this place. The staff are super friendly and they are really good on keeping you informed about your lil one.

Jessica Schlegel

Small class sizes and the director knows the name of each child there. She is very involved with what goes out at her day care. My daughter was in Miss Susan's Class (for four year olds) and loved it. They had field trips and parties, she absolutely loved it and still talks about the staff and other children at the day care. I would recommend this place to everyone!

Katie Maertz

My two have been here almost a year. The teachers and support staff are really amazing ❤ it is small, language-rich, safe and a blessing to our fam!

Mr. Raymond Barnes

Mr. Raymond

When choosing a daycare as parents we all look for the obvious things. We look for safety, communication, a good education, cleanliness etc. While I’m grateful I can give Little Sunshines Academy Winterville an A+ in all of those categories, the most important thing to me is seeing my child look forward to going to school everyday! Her mom and I love the staff over at LSAW and want to thank you all for everything you do for our child!

Shawanda Smith

A great environment and friendly staff. I know that when I drop my daughter off that she is in great hands. They do a great job keeping you informed throughout the day which a plus.

Marketia Stepney

Amazing teacher and learning environment

Michele Searls

If you need great childcare for your children. This is the place for them.

Joyce Adams

I ❤️ this early childhood education program. The Howard's are true to the mission. Thank you so much sending much love ❤️ 😍 💖 …

Quenna Borders

You will receive the highest quality service when your child is enrolled in Little Sunshines Academy ❤️